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Cultural Parenting Studies

Download Nurturing Parenting Validation Studies Summary - 2014 to 1983

Articles Dated Current to 2001 (Click an article title to download PDF)

Bavolek, S., Keene, R., Miranda, G., Radcliff, J. Prevention and Early Intervention Component of Imperial County, “Implementation of the Nurturing Parenting Programs with Latino Families in Imperial County, California.” 3 year report. June 2009 - July 2012. January 4, 2013

Montañez, M., Devall, E., VanLeeuwen, D., “Social Capital: Strengthening Mexican-American Families Through Parenting Education” Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences, 102, NO. 3, 2010

Houston, N., "Evaluation of a Family-Centered Parenting Program for Culturally Diverse High-Risk Families." Nova Southeastern University. January, 2008

Welinske, D., “Solano County California Family Strengthening Program” Final Report, 2003

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